Quality Policy

While working to ensure customer satisfaction with our high-quality products, we plan ahead with what we will do to be recognized with our quality. Customer wishes are front-line for us and we are improving the performances of our colleagues in Crntech.

Quality Responsibility

Quality is not just our products for us. We are under the responsibility of our colleagues and suppliers. We promote our relationships with our customers on this principle.

Employee Responsibility
All Crntech employees are empowered to find the most appropriate solutions to the needs of our customers as soon as possible. Our employees who prepare themselves according to the conditions are responsible for their performance and quality of work within the hierarchy structure. We regularly evaluate our quality, taking into account the performance of our employees.

Cooperation With Suppliers
In order to be more successful for customer satisfaction, we choose our suppliers from companies with high quality responsibility and trust like us.

Continuous Improvement
It is important for us to move forward with the least mistakes and to eliminate the problems that will occur. We prioritize efficiency in business management so that quality can be sustained, confidence continues, and they also affect costs and contribute to budget. Following the changing and evolving market values, we work accordingly.


About us

Exchange Rates

  •   1.-USD     4,7488.-TL
  •   1.-USD     4,7573.-TL

  •   1.-EUR     5,4929.-TL
  •   1.-EUR     5,5028.-TL