Procurement Policy

Purchase Targets; The main objective is to contribute to the ongoing growth of Crntech by achieving the best quality of supply, supply safety, effective turnover and profitability. Our goals; design, development, production, marketing, sales department and our customers who work with these departments.


  • We work with the same care and respect as our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Our suppliers; commercial and qualitative characteristics, we choose among companies that can provide long-term productive and process-oriented partnerships.
  • We support competition between active potential suppliers and expect maximum professional professionalism in terms of them.
  • In the conscious supply chain, we see being integrated and flexible with our suppliers, working in a progressive process with sincerity, value added beyond creativity and reliability.

About us

Exchange Rates

  •   1.-USD     4,7488.-TL
  •   1.-USD     4,7573.-TL

  •   1.-EUR     5,4929.-TL
  •   1.-EUR     5,5028.-TL